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We are an aspiring medium sized company whose family roots are on the river Rhine and whose maritime propulsion and manoevering systems move the world market. We develop highly complex products, based on smart and especially economic solutions, on which our customers rely, all around the world. Our expertise ranges from engineering to software development and innovative automated systems, with which we meet the ecological and economical challenges of today and tomorrow.


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Ship propulsion from the Rhine to the whole world

For all manner of ships - from lake, river and coastal ships through ferries, yachts, harbor and ocean-going tugboats, up to cargo ships and offshore facilities, we develop powerful, economical propellors and manoevere systems.

SCHOTTEL rudder propellors (SPR) are the global benchmark for the main or auxilliary propulsion, even in the most difficult offshore applications. The 360° revolution of the part underwater allows for full drive performance even when manoevering and when using dynamic positioning.

Rudder propellors are sometimes necessary beneath a hull, potentially causing disturbance to other procedures or when in harbor. For this problem, SCHOTTEL has developed hydraulic extendable rudder propellors. On the open water they can be retracted and are extended for manoevering and dynamic positioning wherever needed.

For more than 50 years, the SCHOTTEL Navigator (NAV) has provided a large variety of ships with a steerable thrust. In principle, the NAV is adapted from the SCHOTTEL rudder propellor (SRP) but with a motor unit. The rudder propellor of the mobile, outboard system can steer through 360° and gives the ship excellent manoeuvrability.

As opposed to the SRP, the SCHOTTEL Twin Propellor is equipped with two propellors which rotate in the same direction. The optimum calibration of the system components propellors and shaft with integrated fins results in a considerable increase of the degree of efficiency compared to drives with only one propellor.

EA highly efficient and ecologically clean propulsion primarily developed for the open sea and coastal operating conditions. Its degree of efficiency is convincing, it contributes to lower fuel consumption, reducing operating costs and emissions.


With the SCD, SCHOTTEL engineers have implemented a concept which unites the key technical and economical advantages of the rudder propellor and the electric propulsion concept. The compact design of the SCD makes it especially suitable for use when little room is available.


This range has been developed especially for all types of offshore ships. These robust and reliable propulsion systems can be easily and economically fitted and removed and help to reduce layovers.

The performance of the SCHOTTEL adjustable propellor (SCP) ranges fro 600 kw to 30 000 kw. They provide the ideal solution when the highest propulsion efficiency at variable speeds and loads is needed while, at the same time, the highest manoeuvrability is required.

The SCHOTTEL Pump Jet stands out due to its compact and robust design. It delivers full thrust with a minimum immersion depth of 150 to 750 mm depending on the type and can therefore also be used in ships with a very low draught.


Transverse thrusters are fitted in the bow or stern to improve manoeuvrability. The application of tranverse thrusters ranges from, depending on the type of ship, short stays in the harbour with few operating hours in the year to continuous operation with heavy loads from demanding offshore operations with dynamic positioning.

Reduced noise and vibration, high efficiency and savings in space and weight are important drive requirements. The low-noise SCHOTTEL rim thruster converts electrical energy directly to the thruster – without transmission loss through gearing.

Our systems give our skippers the best tools to sail, manoeuvre and position their ships easily and securely. These range from a simple manual steering wheel directly connected to the thruster to computer-supported, remote controllled joystick systems.

Come on board with us

Competence, trust and quality – these are the values which have always shaped our traditional company, even as employers. We appreciate our employees' committment and honour their personal dedication with choice benefits such as a company pension, flexible working times depending on your private (family) situation, a company canteen including an employer's contribution and a whole lot more.

With the SCHOTTEL family you can map out the maritime world and your own future and become a worldwide renowned specialist.

A skilled crew

We don't only drive ships, but also your career – whether you strengthen our crew as an apprentice or with your work experience.

Our high level of research and development requires experts, inventors and people with ideas, who want to develop and grow. We encourage and support our employees with individual measures for development so that each person can contribute to the success of the company and profit from the excellent career prospects.

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