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"SCHOTTEL has vision"

– Markus Bündgen, Project engineer in After Sales Service

At SCHOTTEL since: 2012

SCHOTTEL 4.0 – future oriented.

SCHOTTEL and I came together while I was at college. The subject of my Masters thesis fitted to SCHOTTEL'S business ideas and also to my own personal interests. I finally received a contract which contained the two things which were important to me: travel and independence. Even with the presence of an expert mentor, my first foreign missions were naturally exciting!

I am a project service engineer and am called on to perform complex systems analysis. This means: travelling to the ship in question, analysing technical problems and implementing the next steps. I am often responsible for the assignment of large sums of money - after approval from my superiors but the responsibility for the project is mine. I present the “Face of SCHOTTEL“ to our customers and other firms which may be involved and must show commitment to solving their problem while representing our interests.

From the start, my missions for SCHOTTEL have taken me to Australia, South Afica, Egyps, North and Southamerica, Northern Europa, China und South Korea. I'm usually away for days; sometimes for several weeks.

We have a very good working relationship between colleagues. In some cases real friendships have developed. That certainly has something to do with the fact that we need to be able to rely on one another when working away from the site - and we know we can. This is true for colleagues from the international sites as well. Our department has a horizontal hierarchy. Decision-making is straightforward and occasionally I find myself working directly with the boss. Every project is different and, because some demand quick decision-making, it's necessary to be able to make the correct decision fast and while under stress. At the heart of things is customer satisfaction and we all pull in the same direction to ensure that.

Engineers have the opportunity to develop here. The company has grown strongly but we are still not a Concern and we work closely with each other, even outside of one's own project. Everyone has opportunities for creativity in their own area. And then there's the sheer variation of being international. Other companies can't offer a vision like that.

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