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"A large range of duties"

– Sebastian Sachs, Head of Control

At SCHOTTEL since: 2016

SCHOTTEL 4.0 – future oriented.

Before I came to SCHOTTEL, I worked in the service and pharmaceutical industries. It is typical in these industries to find that administration work is disconnected from the actual products, and that wasn't fulfilling. My motivation to apply here was therefore to join a company with a classic approach to production. I am from the area but was only aware of the large, new production facility near the A61 highway. When a suitable position became free, I applied and, after a very pleasent interview, received my contract.

SCHOTTEL has German production sites and over a dozen subsidiary companies world-wide, which are overseen from the distribution and control department at our site in Spay. Our control encompasses the entire bandwidth of a product from the delivery of parts to its completion. I was offered the option of heading up the department after only a short time. Since then, I've been able to offer my own ideas and was able to make a difference.

We are on the threshold to becoming a Group Concern and many processes are being adjusting or renewed across different areas. We six workers in the Control department have multifaceted duties, which I find much more interesting than specializing. We take into account the differing ways of thinking between people involved in the production process, and look for commonalities between the various positions. Next to the obligatory monthly adjustment, it's project work which takes up a lot of time.

In my opinion, SCHOTTEL offers maximum possibilities to develop. If you are commited, you will be rewarded with more responsibility, regardless of your position - in the best traditions of such medium-sized German companies. Decision-making is not always linear, but there are no dead-ends either, allowing long-term ideas to flourish. The strategic calm of an organization not listed on the capital markets plays its part as well. I was pleasantly surprised by the owning shareholders, who work in the company; at how down-to-earth they were. This attitude is reflected throughout the entire organization.

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