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"Total committment to the product."

– Felix Mehler, Calculation engineer in the technical department

At SCHOTTEL since: 2007

SCHOTTEL 4.0 – future oriented.

When I decided on combined studies in engineering, I had other offers open to me. SCHOTTEL convinced me with its well-run assessment centre and well-equipped workshop. Entry via the combined studies course was the right way for me. In 4.5 years, I was able to gather a vast amount of knowledge about the´company processes. After my training, I was taken on by the firm, as were the three other students who started at the same time as me.

My work is in technical development. Our calculations have a direct impact on the design of new constructions. There isn't always a standard approach SCHOTTEL so that we always have to sound the manageability against the handling costs. In this there is much creative potential for going down your own meaningful, technical path in the manufacturing of ship propulsion.

You profit from working together closely with young and experienced colleagues. Furthermore, I have been assigned as a project leader with the development of a new product range for some years. This means I have total committment to the product, from a blank page to the customer taking possession at the test drive. Where technically meaningful, further education is always a topic and can further broaden your horizons. The icing on the cake are the tasks outwith daily business. For example, assignments abroad to measure motors under real conditions, especially prototypes.

There are many reasons for this. The company's ownership structure, for example, is positively noticeable: the shareholders completely back the company and support our long-term plans. In addition, it's important to me that everyone is at eye level and forgets hierachy when finding the best technical solutions.

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