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The perfect combination of machine room and bridge

Combined studies at SCHOTTEL

Our combined course studies comprise concrete, future-oriented vocational training with academic studies, which will qualify you for further challenging tasks later in your career. If you select one of the four options, you will be on board with us for at least 4 ¾ years. That is the duration of the degree course and the apprenticeship. Of course we hope that we will find an exciting task for you on board afterwards and that together we can boost your career.

  • Industrial mechanic(m/f/d)
    Bachelor of Engineering
  • Electronics engineer (m/f/d) for industrial engineering
    Bachelor of Engineering Electronics engineering
  • IT specialist(m/f/d) System integration
    Bachelor of Engineering Information Technology
  • Mechatronics Engineer (m/f/d)
    Bachelor of Engineering Mechatronics

Studies only begin every four years

For our combined studies we cooperate with the University of Koblenz and the Koblenz Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The first year starts with a company-based training phase, with which SCHOTTEL and the industrial training workshop in Koblenz will acquaint you with manual work.

In the second year you start your studies at the University of Koblenz. The traineeship to be a skilled worker and university studies run parallel with various fields of specialisation within each semester. During lecture-free time and internship semesters you work at the company and can use what you have learnt.

In the fourth year you complete your skilled labour training with an exam at the Koblenz Chamber of Commerce and Industry. After a further two semesters and the Bachelor thesis you have bagged the title Titel Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.).

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