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Graduate at SCHOTTEL: your career begins

New talents bring fresh air

You've graduated from highschool - now it's time to take the rudder in your hand! We are an international team of experts on maritime propulsion and we are always on the lookout for fresh talent. Talent which is as excited and motivated about discovering and developing new solutions for powering and manoeuvering ships as we are. We are often able to offer graduates an immediate position in the relevant department.

Trainees making the best use of their start

To be on board from the beginningi

To gain momentum right from the beginning many of our university graduates go through our attractive trainee program. This will enable you to to get to know all relevant departments and, with the help of experts, to define targets within your studies, which can be reached by working within your team. You will be mentored throughout the length of the program (18-24 months) and intensively prepared for your future role.

Thesis with and for SCHOTTEL

Robert Menchen writes about EPLAN Engineering Configuration

EPLAN Engineering Configuration (abb. EEC) is a development environment , which gives the user the possibility to formally describe complex products. EEC includes various modules for the automatic generation of production documents and software which are derived from the object-oriented model.

In his thesis, Robert Menchen creates a component system for the automatic generation of circuit diagram pages for the remote control of the SCHOTTEL Transverse Thruster (abb.STT) In addition, he presents the quality requirements of the component system in a technical handbook, so that all those involved can use this documentation to work to the same quality. All this saves time and reduces possible sources of errors in the development process..

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