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The SCHOTTEL experts always have the right answers. Here, we answer the most frequently asked questions. Should you need more detail, please contact to the Human Resources Department directly.

Your questions about applying

Please send your application in digital form only - ideally as a single PDF file - to personal(at)schottel.de

We recommend applying for the position advertised as soon as possible. For an internship please send your documents at least 3 months beforehand. Spontaneous applications are always welcome.

You will find the name of the respective Human Resources Department contact person in every job advertisment. As HR manager, Manuela Jakobs is responsible for all areas. As personnel officer, Caroline Plischke oversees production, despatch and service and Stefanie Maier the commercial department, engineering and distribution. HR manager, Kerstin Wernicke, is responsible for all areas at Wismar

The covering letter is your first contact with us and can decide whether you will be invited to a job interview or not. Briefly describe your career and background and give reasons as to why you specifically want to work for us. The letter should not be longer than one page.

You will find information about the application process and the required documents here. finden Sie hier.

In some countries, references often go hand in hand with an application. Naming a referee who can relay something about your previous work can be recommended to give you the edge over your competitors. However, references are not compulsory and and not a job requirement.

Spelling mistakes, addressing the wrong contact person or even the wrong company name can be found in applications more often than you would think. This does not make a good impression. An individual letter for each application, avoids embarrassing copy-and-paste mistakes and, at the same time, shows that you have taken an interest in the company. Be able to explain any gaps in your CV. If you are able to give reasons for them, they could even work in your favor.

You will find more detailed information about the application process here.

No, applications for different positions or at different points of time are not affected. A rejection is only valid for the specific position for which you applied.


We normally recruit 6 to 10 apprentices per year and allocate up to 45 internships/theses per year. It is important to us that we have sufficient capacity in each department to be able to fully supervise everyone competently.

We expect our trainees to identify with their job training, to be responsible, reliable and quality conscious. To think and act systematically, have good communication skills and to be purposeful and commited.

We test your general knowledge and ask technical questions. In addition, there is a spelling test.

The assessment for bachelor students takes one day. We test your manual dexterity as well as your abilities in group situations and working individually.


It is possible, if you, the apprentice, requests it. The requirements are: very good to good grades and the agreement of the trainee supervisor, the IHK (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and the vocational training college.

Our aim is to at least give apprentices a temporary position. It depends on the economic situation and your conduct during the apprenticeship.

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