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The 360° promise

Career impulse

You know, of course, what an Azimuth Thruser is. A rudder propellor which can be turned through 360°. Full impulse is available at any angle.

We invented this rudder propellor and established it in world markets. It provides a fitting metaphor for that which awaits you, when you come on board with us. Development, production, distribution or service - whichever direction you decide to go, you will always acheive full impulse for your career.

We are specialists in propulsion and, naturally, this requires technical know-how. Preferred study courses are Mechanical and electrical engineering, fluid physics, automation technology and Computer Science. However, at least as important to us are customer focus, service and adherance to deadlines: virtues which go together with strength of innovation just like a joystick to its thruster!

Impulse for ship and career

Concrete information about your duties and prospects with the world leader in ship propulsion can be found here.

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